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Our community is dedicated to new payment technologys and systems in Australia, Digital Banks, Challenger Banks and Neobanks and Digital Wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay and the New Payments Platform (NPP) and overlay services such as Osko, PayID.

We’ve been running a chat room on discord for 2+ years, Feel free to join us on discord if you want to discuss any of the topics above and much much more.

With approximately 175+ members at the moment and steadily growing, Our discord chat room is a great place to meet new people with an interest in Digital Banking in Australia.

Members of our community also have been running several comparison in tracking resources as spreadsheets that are quite helpful and show the rollout of various payment technologies in Australia.

Currently we are in the process of migrating some of this data to the website in the form of some knowledgebase articles which will eventually be available here in the meantime some of it is still available to members in our discord chat room.

In the past the data has been quite valuable and shared on many prominent Australian community forums and websites.

We are looking to extend this website and our community over time offering more related resources for our community as our community grows. But at this stage this website is just as a general landing page for the discord chat room.